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 Considerate service

Demose staircase to European culture as the essence of brand design, advanced design, with the world's top production equipment and advanced production technology, product and process the new upgrade, nearly a hundred ladder and the European market. Demose's commitment to quality, not only in the.

So far, the lack of a unified and standardized market stairs industry, design is not scientific, stairs, unstable quality and does not guarantee, customer service service can not be guaranteed, there exist many problems do not regulate the operation of the industry. With a strong sense of responsibility to society, domestic staircases production leader -- Di James, not only bring more contemporary staircase boutique, pay more attention to provide trustworthy quality and after sale services to you.

Every purchase the guest of Demose, we will enjoy the intimate service -- the installation process standardization, standardization of construction work, installation scheme of personalized, normalized after sale service, not only for your building space right tailored products, more comprehensive customer service to protect your rights, whole-hearted service to your requirements.

One, the installation process standards

1 telephone booking, and customer agree door installation time;

2 according to appointment door installation, customers arrive home on time;

3 dressing, polite to knock on;

4 to the customer the door, greet and introduce yourself to the customer;

5 shoes or wear shoes (depending on the site conditions) the door, and take the initiative to produce a "customer service supervision card";

6 laying protection carpet, place the goods;

Whether the 7 confirmed ground paving, beam body decoration, installation of embedded parts, construction site conditions have the installation conditions;

8 open the package and in accordance with the packing list parts inventory;

9 the control plane and the installation of on-site survey, installation adjustment or suspend the installation according to the specific situation;

10 the end of the installation, please customer acceptance, make adjustments or explanation to the user according to the situation;

The 11 completion of the installation site, garbage cleaning, such as customer retention packages with the protection measures for the stairs;

12 please fill in "the installation and acceptance", makes an evaluation on the installation service;

13 "white paper" to provide quality customer service to the customer as service basis, and inform the customer the stairs daily maintenance knowledge.

Two, the construction work standardization

1 in accordance with the agreement reached installation location on time;

2 in the process of construction, wearing a Demose uniform overalls, accept supervision;

3 wear shoes into the construction site and the construction process or shoes;

4 before the installation of protective carpet laying;

5 the inventory of parts and placed neatly;

The 6 tool accessories in order, not lying;

7 clean clothing, words and deeds civilization, be neither humble nor pushy;

8 not to place has nothing to do with the installation, do not move goods has nothing to do with the installation, do not do things has nothing to do with the installation;

9 borrowing customers goods need approval from the customer is permitted and timely return;

10 construction process after the timely finishing tools, accessories, installation of garbage clean-up;

11 prohibit to play around, go-slow;

12 pay attention to protect customers floors, walls, furniture and other facilities;

13 may not accept any gifts from customers or to entertain, apologize and bona fide declined.

Three, the installation program personalization

Who took the one and only know your heart desire, for your living space "tailor", to make staircases perfect fusion in your home style. Whether you like or admire elegant classical, simple fashion, the customs, just waiting for your appreciation. Our professional designers and technical staff will also visit your house, field evaluation of spatial pattern of you, and with your style of space to reach a consensus, the installation scheme is most appropriate for your house stairs, in order to meet the needs of your space, ensure that your life long steady worry-free.

The normal four, after sale service

1 build customer file and save the file;

2 1 months after installation and customer service maintenance, fastening screws, steel parts and maintenance;

After the installation of 3 1 - 3 months appointment visits or telephone follow-up, resolve customer questions;

The two is not regular phone calls to 4 - 7 months after the installation of 4;

5 installation of 8 - 12 months received customer consultation or appointment service;

The 6 major festivals, special season repair appointment;

Within 7.24 hours to the scene to deal with problems in time;

The 8 feedback after treatment, total company for processing the results of satisfaction to confirm;

9 network edition provides product authentication, consultation and complaint feedback service;

10.800 telephone complaints and the handling results to answer the consultation, who took security verification, various consulting and back analysis; 11 delivery cycle: steel wood stair for 25 days, 30 days of log stairs, the installation period: steel wooden staircase 1 - 2 days, log stairs 1 to 4 days;

12 limited liability guarantee: within one month after the purchase, if the product quality problems, manufacturers to ensure free replacement products with quality problems; who installed, who guarantee, such as your stairs by agents installed, after sale service is responsible by the local agents, such as agents and no contact, can also direct contact with the company customer service service center, after sale service center to arrange agents to coordinate and solve.

The four space, four definitions of your "staircase" new life. So considerate service process, only to drop your demand for care. In di James, you deserve to enjoy the best of everything.