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 1. DEMOSE Brand

DEMOSE is one of the leading brands in stairs & railings industry.

2. Producing Capacity

 One of the largest stair manufacturer in the world, as well as the largest outdoor;

 global monthly production capacity of 500 units and can be realized within 20 days of delivery staircase production enterprises

 superior production technology and R & D capability, the industry's first through the ISO9002 certification of enterprises

 the first use of ERP management system staircase manufacturing enterprises, comprehensive information management

 customer value as the core of lean production system

3. Raw Materials Advantage

Strategic cooperative partnership between the raw material purchasing from America, Europe, the United States, Europe supply base and first-class first-class raw materials suppliers remain stable throughout the special drying balance splicing technology guarantee the raw material quality and stability.

4. Quality Control

Lead the product design, leading fashion for customer product quality "1+4" first stairs industry quality standards, by the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Committee, Guangzhou technical quality of the mechanism, the 6 core technology of casting quality of new height, ensure product process perfectly fine.

5. Sale Channel

Several major series, nearly a thousand kinds of trapezoid, has more than three hundred agents throughout the country, more than 200 DEMOSE large fashion stores experience become the store brand image of traditional system highlights the national unified perfect channel management mode in each big city.

6. Different Services Support

Uphold the integrity-based service concept, the four space, intimate service to meet customer demand, put one's heart and soul into a dragon "nanny" service system, to provide comprehensive from the shop, marketing, planning to spread and many other aspects of the service.

7. Good Price 

DEMOSE will be personalized stairs to scale, standardization, industrialization, promotion through internal production operation management, cost control, reduce waste, to achieve cost optimization at the same time, after years of production and accumulation, who took the products are made of high quality imported raw materials, with advanced production equipment and exquisite technology, implementation and to perfect product quality, coupled with the di James brand widely market reputation, who took the product price very in the industry advantage.

8. Professional Trainings

Demose staircase will affect your sales, designers, technicians to install a comprehensive, systematic training regularly every year will hire a senior marketing lecturer, bring comprehensive marketing course in the industry's first stair professional training center for agents

9. Professional Workers

 senior designers to provide a comprehensive store design scheme

 professional engineers for stores like ladder installation and engineering installation depth of support

 area sales manager will work with you to further communication, discussion, and help you develop a comprehensive marketing solutions

10. Advertising Media Resources

 have rich brand planning, advertising communication experience boss "as the state corporate image planning Co., Ltd." to advertising design, professional event planning services

 the terminal market of outdoor advertising, advertising signs, each big city highway bus advertising, all strong plane, TV media advertising

 festivals and other major promotional activities, planning and implementation of unified, professional marketing