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 Foshan Demose Hardware Products Co., Ltd, supply railing and stairs products, with 20 years experience manufacturing and exporting since 1994. The brand, DEMOSE, is known all over the world in stairs and railings. Now, we are seeking the professional distributor or agent to cooperation, and expand our worldwide business.

1) At least 3 years experience of railings or stairs
2) Capability of establishing sales channels, distribution or logistics.
3) Offer installing service to the local customers, manage after-sale service.
4) Committed to providing customer service that makes both internal and external customers feel welcome, important, and appreciated.

Business objects and patterns

The following refers to "investment" in no our dealers blank market investment.

Business objects mainly include four types: (a) the same business management products, (a) related products (such as floor and other building materials products), business (too) and other industries idle funds to investors, the former two are the main object of our investment.

Investment mode including: entrusted investment promotion, colleagues introduced, show business, visiting merchants, merchants, phone media (TV, newspaper, broadcasting business, network, electronic information), the model of investment.

Agent Requirements:

1) have a certain economic strength of the legal person or natural person, have sufficient funds as the initial investment

2) engaged in construction, building materials, decoration industry, have relevant experience in marketing and management experience

3) business heart is strong, the market keen eye, will be interested in the stairs as a long-term career development

4) have a certain brand consciousness, can bear greater pressure on the market.

5) the heavy contract, Shou credibility, to actively maintain MOBO brands staircase and promotion efforts.

6) have good management and communication skills, have a certain cohesion, can organize strong teams.

7) there is a strong marketing capability, to vigorously develop the market.

8) have the personal social network is good, able to understand all aspects of information.

9) have a certain understanding of the staircase industry, and with the company of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, and common progress.

10) can implement company policies, give support.

2, basic requirements, business shop

1) area: a capital city, municipality directly under the central government, more than 80 square meters; two prefecture-level city of more than 50 square meters; three city 30 square meters;

2) location: Sales of building materials market concentration; high-end consumer goods sales center; large flows of people, consumer groups concentrated, such as red star Macalline, unexpectedly the home, the local mainstream building materials furniture in Hong Kong;

Suggestions and brand building materials sales shop is near; intensively in the stairs in the newly development of high-grade property sales; at the point;

3) decoration: decoration are designed according to the VI unified company, like ladder, POP, promotional items for display.

4) business: professional exhibition hall, may display the other stairs commodities or non stairs products in the exhibition hall.

3, to join the margin requirements

In order to regulate the dealer behavior, safeguard the interests of dealers, prevent Cuanhuo, non malignant competition, regional sales agent, maintain the cooperative relationship between national DEMOSE agents, charge the operation of the market brand margin:

A capital city, 10000 municipalities directly under the central government; two prefecture-level city 5000 yuan; three city of 5000 yuan.

Such as dealer no irregularities in the period of the contract, the termination of the contract that is returned to dealers, such as renewing the contract remain. If the contract period agents appear violations, margin will be based on deduction, to cancel the agent qualification, legal means and take responsibility.

4, agent organization requirements

Agent Demose products, must be equipped with relevant personnel specializing in sales, operation, installation, service work:

1) the personnel allocation: City Manager 1; sales clerk 2-3; 2-3; 1 designers; installation personnel 2-3 name; for provincial capital city or large prefecture-level city

2) qualification: sales, design, installation personnel must be approved by the company of professional training, examination, appointment.