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The joining process

1. The applicant consulting company marketing policy, the exchange of views;

2. Applicants to fill in the application form., select the store address, and the relevant information to the headquarters;

3. Send the Commissioner to the study and assessment of application the applicant strength, a comprehensive assessment and to determine whether cooperation;

4. Sign "who took" franchise agreement, the applicant to pay franchise fees;

5. The franchisee to provide store layout and photographs, the company design decoration;

6. The company according to the store condition design renovation programme, and confirm with agent drawings and samples ladder production order;

7. Franchisee confirmation for store decoration and pay the initial payment for purchases;

8. Professional staffs to stores to assist in installation staircase, staff training, shop layout, jewelry display;

9. Franchisees to declare open the advertising budget, approved by the company headquarters;

10. Officially opened.

Company Advantages

  • 20 Years Experienced Manufacturer
  • 8 Years Oversea Sales
  • 100% Exporting Products
  • DEMOSE Famous Brand

Customer Service

  • Custom-made Available
  • Installation Guide Offered
  • Full Service
  • Test-report Available

Oversea Agent Support

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  • Joining Process
  • Application Form for Joining


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