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 To support the policy

(a) product support

The 1, according to the market situation not regularly launch new stair;, meet the demand of the market, expand sales.

2, has the most complete steel, wood, steel and wood, steel glass material product system, no matter how personalized customer have choose stairs in Demose.

3, according to the quality inspection process stairs tailored, design, control of production, warehousing, shipping and other intermediate links, to create the most solid quality guarantee system.

4, has the most powerful technical team, to ensure that the progress of technology innovation and product improvement, so that the design of each part stair use more humane.

(b) technical support

In early 1, join the new company will organize, design, installation and operation of professional knowledge training.

2, exhibition hall set up period, the company will send technicians hall building, training for the installation again.

3, the initial orders according to the company's agent application, and on the basis of technical personnel arrangements for customer field led installation.

4, in the early days of single period, company operation Department, technical department, sales department, customer service department will give policy support, guarantee dealers master the related work in time.

5, for customer orders, according to dealers, technical personnel will follow the order of the whole.

6, the introduction of new technology and improvement of the company will organize the related training in various forms, so that the agent promptly grasp.

7, the company will have special support for engineering stairs, according to the agent application, can arrange for specialized personnel with the dealer operation.

8, to dealers and proposed emergency aid requirements, the company will strain every nerve to support.

(c) marketing

1, the regional market investigation and analysis report.

2, product knowledge, culture, exhibition guide, market development and so on professional training system.

The 3 hall, who took the unified VI design, and give 50 yuan per square decoration subsidies, storefront acceptance, offset the subsequent payment (to join the exhibition and other special period distributors).

4, regularly participate in the national major building materials exhibition, trade fair to promote the brand image.

5, professional website promotion, implementation of information for communication product.

6, the large design magazine "fashion", "Ruili" home furnishing home furnishing a full-page advertisement in delivery.

7, the daily propaganda materials regular free distribution.

Special support 8, agents place exhibition promotion means of personnel, etc..

9, the stairs and quota distribution matching gift.

(d) customer service

Agent distribution center 1, careful and quick consignment contract, signed with Jiaji, rail and other large logistics enterprise. And the establishment of large-scale logistics in Linyi station, improve the efficiency of logistics delivery, save time.

2, special staff to handle the customer complaints, timely and efficient settlement agent feedback.

3, to accept the terminal customer consultation, to order the intention, to improve the success rate of orders.

4, quality white paper with the goods payment, maintenance of dealers and customer interests.