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Different Railings for Decks

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You want to retreat to your outdoor deck and enjoy the view while maintaining safety for your children and guests. Different railings offer different benefits.

Maintain your landscape view from the deck by installing a glass deck railing. Glass railings will be more costly than other types of deck railings. Demose offer an unobstructed view of the area to you and guests. Safety-tempered, shatter-resistant glass is required for this type of deck railing, and it is recommended the glass be tinted in order to prevent fowl from flying into it. Polish glass edges to prevent injury upon contact.

balcony glass handrail


These metal wire strung railings, just like the glass deck railings, may be prohibited or required to meet certain guidelines in your area, so check with building inspectors before purchasing and installing. Normally, no more than 100mm is advised as for safety. In order for your cable deck railings to be strong enough to restrain anyone from falling through them, the wires, which should be stretched from post to post in a horizontal fashion, must have a very tight tension. This type of rail will allow a breeze or air to flow through it, unlike glass railings.

cable handrail


Metal railings offer two important qualities needed in your outdoor deck railing: durability and security. In addition, metal or iron deck railings cost less than real wood railings, according to online magazine Home Decorating Reviews, and it will require less maintenance. Metal can be paired with wood, cable or glass to increase your style and design options.

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