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How To Clean Swimming Pool Handrails and Pool Steel Ladders?

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You may have noticed your swimming pool handrails or ladders corroding or rusting. All steels can rust or stain depending on what chemicals they come in contact with. The stainless steel grades used in swim pool rails and ladders are fairly impervious to swimming pool water that is in balance. However, unbalanced water chemistry and some other causes (poor electrical grounding, pouring chemicals near the rails, etc.) can stain or rust them.

To clean your pool rails or ladders you must first remove them from the swim pool. They are normally wedged in sockets called deck anchors. By lifting up the escutcheon plates-the decorative circles around the rail/ladder where it goes into the swimming pool deck, you will see the bolt that raises the anchoring wedge. Using a wrench, you can unscrew this bolt about a half an inch. You may then need to knock down the bolt to drive the anchoring wedge down, freeing the rail/ladder. You now should be able to lift the rail or ladder up and out of its sockets. If the rail/ladder is stuck, you can use a rubber mallet or similar tool to bang the rail just above the deck to break it free.

If the handrail/ladder still will not come out and you are sure the wedge is knocked down, you can try using a car jack to get the rail out. By putting the jack under the hooked part of the rail (you may need to use a short piece of 2 x 4 to reach), you can apply force upward. Be careful not to jack it too hard as you can deform the rail or bend it. Try lifting the jack just enough to apply pressure and hitting on the rail just above the anchor with your rubber mallet. In most cases this will free the rail.

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