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How to Measure Your Stairs?

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Stairs may become worn and scuffed over time, which can create an unsightly staircase. You can attractively hide aging or damaged stairs with carpet or a stair runner. Knowing how to measure a set of stairs will help you determine the amount of carpet or the size of the runner you need to purchase to properly cover the stair surfaces.

1. Place the tab of the tape measure on the right side of the step. Extend the tape to the left side. Record this measurement as the width of the stairs.

2. Place the tab of the tape measure on the back of a step near the riser. Extend the tape measure down over the step and onto the back of the next step, near the riser. Record this measurement as the length of the stairs.

3. Count the number of steps in the staircase. Record the measurements of the stairs as the number of steps at width by length.


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