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How to Package Glass Panels Safely?

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As Demose usually export glass railing systems, we have rich experiences in packing and shipping glass panels all over the world. With a long trip, it needs to take extra precautions for glass package. Getting glass to customers safely can be accomplished with careful packaging. Follow tips below:

1. Glass panels need to be packed separately.

2. Wrap the glass in unprinted newspaper or pearl cottons.

3. Choose or make wood box that it suits for glass panels. Too tight or loose are not good.

glass panel package

4. Put your paper-wrapped item in the wood box, take foam boards around the panels closed to box, so it stays in place.

glass panel package

5. Use a good-quality packing tape to seal the package before shipping. You also might want to reinforce the corners of the box with the tape for extra protection from the box getting damaged in shipment which increases the chances of your glass breaking.

6. After package, it will be better to label some logos on the wood box, such as "FRAGILE" or "THIS SIDE UP", so as to warn persons to move it carefully.

glass panel package

Demose makes sure not only the high-quality of products, but also the whole dealing process, including package, shipping and installing. Your satisfaction is our pursuit!

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