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Staircases Styles Designs in 2013

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Staircase is the delicacy of building. A beautifully designed staircase can be the most outstanding feature of the whole building.
In 2013, we have witnessed the unveiling of revolutionary staircase designs. Unlike the heavy set staircases of conventional architecture, the modern staircases are more compact and stylish. They are being built in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and with materials like steel, glass, copper, aluminium, fiber, Formica and marble.
Some of the most sought after designs for 2013 staircase styles include:

Spiral Staircase:

demose spiral staircase

Suspended Staircase Types (hidden stringer staircase)

demose floating stairs


Cantilever Staircases

Cantilever Staircases

Curved Staircases

 Curved Staircases

These sleek, compact and contemporary styles can turn the whole setting into an aesthetic statement, quickly becoming the center of attention. Staircase designs have become the top priorities of the architects and interior designers alike. Though their importance in the early architectural era was low, today the full potential of the staircase is now being effectively realized.

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