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America Joe Eagle Style Wooden Staircase

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This eagle style wooden stair was made for the customer Joe from America. We were very happy to get the latest email from him. He highly praised our DEMOSE and DEMOSE stairs. He said:

Errors do not exist with Demose. You guys have always been perfect and your work is 100%. I can't thank everyone there enough for my stairs.
When friends & guests come round they take photos of the stairs, not us... the stairs!!!
Neighbours/strangers walk up my drive to look inside at the stairs. Builders bringer their families to the house to look at the stairs.
Everybody wants to look at the stairs and are amazed by thenm. I proudly tell them that they are made in China.

Demose stairs got highly praised

Let's have a look at the stair and the trial assembly photos in Demose factory

Solid Wood Staircase

wooden stairs trial assembly in factory

wooden stairs trial assembly in factory

wooden stairs trial assembly in factory


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