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Cable Railing Code

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What's cable railing? Cable railings or wire rope rails are asking about a guard rail, a type of safety "fencing" or "railing" used along the outer side of balconies and stairways, not a "hand railing". Railing is comprised of cables and handrail is called cable railing.

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Horizontal or vertical cable railings are commonly installed in commercial locations such as baclony or outdoor steps shown in photos below. The final approval is up to whether it is conformed to your local construction codes. As for the code requirements, the railings have to pass the specified height, strength, spacing, support and graspability rules as other types of railings.

Normally, the cable railing of top height is in most jurisdictions 36" -47" high in residential or in commercial installations. Along a stairway the railing height is governd by different rules because of the need to grasp the railing during use of the stairs. Handrails are required on all stairs more than four risers in height.

Demose cable railings are designed and produced by customer requirements, we will offer professional advices if the requirements are not unreasonable considering safety and your local construction codes.

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