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Q: Do your handrails require welding? How difficult are they to install?A: No, our balusters and handrails are totally weld-free and very easy to install. They use a push-fit, modular technology that requires a special adhesive. You just use driller or other basic tools to connect each part.

Balustrade systems with base plates (where necessary) attached. The upright posts will be supplied with the floor plate. You should use drill hole on the floor or wall to fix the plates. Anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY or any builder should have no problem installing our handrails. Anyway, you can watch more installing videos on Demose official webpage on Youtube

Installing base plate on floor for upright posts

install base plate

Q: Does stainless steel rust?

A: Frankly speaking, yes. Although stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material, under certain conditions and without protection, it will suffer some surface corrosion, most commonly known as ‘tea staining’. Please maintain your exterior railings regularly so as to keep the attractive of stainless steel handrail. 

1. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar into a spray bottle.

2. Spray the solution onto a soft cleaning rag, lightly moistening the rag.
3. Wipe over the stainless steel handrail. Wipe in long streaks, making sure to also wipe the underside of the handrail where hands often grip the handrail.

4. Continue spraying the solution and wiping the handrail until the entire handrail is cleaned.

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