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Focus on Details: How to Build Perfect Stairs?

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Demose focus on details to build perfect stairs for you. How to build perfect stairs? Undoubtedly, details are very import. Perfect stairs are not only related to its nice outlook and safety, but also to its comfort. such as surface of steel staircase.

1. The temperature of stair handrail

If the metal stairs are used in cold condition, Demose suggest the surface of metal railing come with special finish, so that the stair won’t to be too cold to handle.

2. Lower noise for stair tread-board

Noise of stairs mainly comes out by its metal tread boards. It is very terrible when up to the stairs during night, because of noise. How to lower noise from staircase? The designers of Demose research it these years. We can reduce noise from materials of tread board, thickness and the stair design. In addition, it is involved in the connections of every part.

3. Smooth angles

All of stair fittings need to be smooth without acute angles, so as to not hurt ones. Embarrassing that skirts catch by juts, right? You can see smoothness carefully of Demose stairs.

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