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How to Choose Balusters for Railings

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From Demose balusters catalogues, balusters are sorted to be stainless steel baluster, iron post, acrylic banister, steel & wood baluster according to materials. Different banisters have special features. Please pick the right baluster at your own requirements, such as styles, craft, price and applications. There are stair newels, balcony railing baluster, pool steel posts etc for various places.


Height and thickness of stainless steel baluster

Frankly, there are different kinds of styles for stainless steel baluster based on types of post. For example, round pipe banister, square tube baluster, double plates baluster, single plate .The previous 2 ones are common used.

Round pipes:Ф38.1mm , Ф42.4mm ,Ф50.8mm round pipes, thickness: 1.0-2.0mm and 850mm/1050mm height are common.


stainless steel baluster


Advantage of stainless steel balusters

Stainless steel posts are cut by laser, keep its whole, looks better than welding iron ones. In addition, stainless steel balusters are easy to install with handrail bracket. Thirdly, steel posts can be easily assembled by other different materials, like glass, steel cables and handrails. So stainless steel balusters are main products in Demose compare than acrylic or iron ones.

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