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Modern and Creative Staircase Designs Gallery

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When it comes to staircases, most customers stick to the basics requirements, putting safety and stability before art. But others strive to have both, and in some cases, their creations become the key of the room decro – more art installation than functional architectural element. DNA spiral staircase designs are impressive but other creative stairs can be made of glass seemingly float on air, that's called floating suspension stairs. and innovative wooden creations serve as book storage and seating. These stair designs that go far beyond the basic, becoming works of art.

Because of 20 years of professional manufacturing stairs, staircases in DEMOSE satisfy not only the safety and stability basic elements, but also can be as the art works in the space. Let's enjoy some cases from DEMOSE history.

This beautiful staircase is the DNA staircase. The staircase is made out of tempered glass and stainless steel materials.

dna spiral staircase

Below floating stair is supported by metal beam hidden in the wall, as like the stair floating in the air. This design saves space and looks well in delicate modern house.

floating stairs

Double steel plates keels stair design, it looks very dynamic in the room, stablity 2 keels construction

2 keels arc stairs design

modern stairs designs   staircase design

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