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Tips to Measure a Staircase

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Measuring stairs is a complex task in a way. There are some tips for you to measure staircase, then to help to refurbish the existed stairs. Tips below:

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For a straight staircase measure your rise measurement first, this is the distance from the finished floor level where the staircase starts to the finished floor level on the upper floor where the staircase is going to. If your floors are slightly out of level the make sure you get your rise from the points where the staircase is going to sit.

Once you have your rise you can work out the going distance (Dimension G) for the stairs this is the distance the staircase will project along the floor, look at our rise and go chart to see the correct going to suit your rise height when trying to achieve a 42 degree pitch.

If you are measuring a staircase for between walls make sure you measure the narrowest point and allow a clearance, this is OK if the staircase is assembled and the staircase can slide into place without having to be turned in the hole (between the walls) and is also OK if the staircase is ordered flatpack for assembly in situ between the walls, but if your staircase is going to need turning in between the walls you need to allow more clearance normally 75mm is OK but this needs checking before ordering, to work this out you need to draw a rectangle to scale (draw a rectangle the proposed width by 244mm which is the typical depth of the stair stringers we use and measure across the furthest points to check you can rotate the staircase)
The width is also important when it comes to your landing room at the top and the bottom as this needs to be equal or more than the width of the staircase.

The width of a standard domestic staircase is 860mm over all the strings, the minimum width we would recommend for a Loft staircase is 600mm over all the strings.

If you are measuring a staircase which is to have handrails to one side and it is quite tight to the well hole you need to think about finger room between the handrail and the side of your stairwell the minimum clearance we recommend is 40mm this would mean you need to allow 55mm clearance on you over all string measurement from the finished well size.

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