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August 2018 work summary

August 2018 work summary

    Demose held its August work conference yesterday. All the teams in the conference have analyzed and summarized the work in August and accumulated experience in the work. All colleagues work together to make the company better.
    The conference is divided into four parts: chorus enterprise songs; Make the work report of August and make the plan of next month. Select the best team. At the conference, each group leader made a detailed report on the situation of each group, and made a summary from the aspects of customer, team and operation. All departments have achieved good results, and every harvest is achieved with hard work and sweat.

    At the beginning of the meeting, each group leader made a summary of the work in August, analyzed the aspects that need to be improved in the work through data, and worked out corresponding solutions. Learn from the past work experience, improve their working ability. At last, each group leader has set his/her work goal for the next month. Pressure is the driving force for progress, while pressure is the driving force for everyone. I hope everyone is getting better and better.

    What brings experience sharing is Josie from the foreign trade department, about large orders from Hungarian customers. The time difference is big, the customer is difficult to reply in time causes the communication difficulty these are the foreign trade salesman in the work frequently meets the difficulty, each foreign trade salesman pays is our inestimable effort. Josie Shared with us the new knowledge she learned in order processing :1. Pay attention to risk points. 2. Pay attention to the order details. 3. Pay attention to customers' consumption habits and provide customers with good consumption experience. Josie said at the end that 50 percent effort +50 percent luck got her an order.
Maybe Josie is a lucky girl, but she must be a hard-working girl. Her persistence and devotion have brought her brilliant achievements. I believe she will have a bigger breakthrough in the future!
    The most exciting part came before the end of the conference. The first prize in the performance assessment in August was our foreign trade department group two. The members who received the award all showed happy smiles on their faces.
    August's resplendence cannot leave the leadership, also cannot leave each partner's hard work and progress. September is the harvest season, let us set out together again, I believe that we can be more and more brave! Let us step into the new resplendence together in the following work!