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Big Secret Villa Stair Decorating Tips

Big Secret Villa Stair Decorating Tips

    1、the steps are high and low, and the height of the steps is too high. For some houses with smaller spaces, stairs may be a good choice. Stairs are taboo, that is, the height of each step is high and low. I believe that most people have the feeling of being smashed or stepping on the stairs. Both of these tastes will make people feel cool and sweaty. The height of the comfortable stair steps is 375px. If it exceeds 450px, it will feel tired when you climb the stairs; the width of the steps is 27-750px. According to the residential floor of 2.9m, the projection length of the single-run staircase is about 5m. Generally speaking, the double-running staircase or the spiral staircase saves space.
    2、the slope of the stairs is too steep In order to facilitate the convenience and comfort of the upper and lower floors, the stairs need a reasonable slope, the slope of the stairs is too steep, and it is not convenient to walk, which will give people a "dangerous" feeling. If you easily climb up the stairs, you need a certain amount of space to give the stairs an extension. Some people have designed the height of the steps of the stairs to be more than 500px for space-saving reasons. This not only makes walking extremely difficult, but also makes the space under the stairs difficult to use. If the stairs are more spacious, they can be used as telephone corners, audiovisual areas, children's play areas or storage rooms.
    3、 the living room becomes a foyer. This is a common sight in "luxury" villas: in the entrance or in the hall, or in a straight ladder, or an arc ladder like a rainbow frame, or a spiral staircase On the other hand, the "grand launch" posture has separated the entire bottom floor, making the living room that has been smashed into a "foyer". It is like a "lobby meeting area" specially designed for strangers to stay a little longer. . Fourth, the mini "patio" The empty living room is really stylish, but due to the restrictions of the venue, some people can only use the stairs to make a small stairwell. In fact, it is too narrow and is insulated from the style. It is nothing more than adding a mini "patio" to the living room. Its main function is to increase the operating expenses of the air conditioner. Fifth, the visitor's eyes are directed to the private area. The stairs have a very clear directivity. When facing the stairs, everyone will involuntarily pick up the ranks. Therefore, the stairs at the entrance should not be directed to the corridor leading to the bedroom area to direct people's attention to the private space.