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Demose new product showing room

Demose new product showing room

 2019 is  a serious year  for Foshan Demose Hardware Products Co., Ltd., but it was also abrand new year.
 At the beginning of 2019, Mr. Lu, the founder and general manager of Demose Hardware Products Co., Ltd., decided to carry out a brand-new transformation and upgrade to our company's marketing center, also known as the product display center.
Mr. Lu and the company's engineering department's partners have been constantly finalizing the decoration style of the company's exhibition center, the modification of the decoration drawings, and the determination of the products represented by Demose own parts. Our company showroom is finished on April 22, 2019
Let's take a look at the new display center of Demose.
1. Company front desk
2.Working room

3.some of demose railings , stairs and railing fitting


The Demose  Marketing Center not only provides Demose employees with a more comfortable working environment, but also brings more pleasant feelings to visiting customers from other countries, so as to understand the Demose product knowledge in all aspects, thus promoting orders. This is also in line with Demose' marketing philosophy and service tenet.
No matter which country you are from, which skin color, whether you are a foreign trade company, distributor, engineering company, individual user, as long as you have the need to buy stainless steel railings, stainless steel stairs -,,,,,,, welcome you to Demose Foshan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 
Finally, attach the marketing center address: 6th Floor, No. 5, No.1, East 2nd Street, Shaxi Community, Huangpu Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Consulting product hotline: 0757-85951996