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Grasping the five key points to buy a satisfactory staircase

Grasping the five key points to buy a satisfactory staircase

    1. Determine the decoration style. The stairs are the big pieces of the tiers and villas. The coordination with the whole decoration style is very important. The stairs will become a scene in your home. The general European style is equipped with Spanish classical luxury style stairs, which are dark in color. The simple European style is furnished with a modern Italian minimalist staircase and is light in color.
    2. Ask the merchant to see the quality inspection report issued by the national quality supervision department. The function of the stairs is mainly for people to walk up and down. Therefore, the safety performance of the stairs should be the first choice point for consumers to pay attention to. At present, most of the stairs on the market have not been tested by the State Quality Supervision Department, and their safety is worrying. The data of the tread plate pressure test in the test report is the main parameter reflecting the safety performance of the stair. The load bearing requirement of the tread plate pressure test specified by the international standard is greater than or equal to 2000 kg, which cannot be bought less than this number. Because people have a seismic performance problem while walking, the stronger the earthquake resistance, the longer the life of the stairs. If you don't have a national quality inspection report, you can't buy it.
    3. Choose the type. At present, the stairs on the market are roughly divided into three types according to the material: one is a solid wood staircase. The second is the steel-wood staircase. The third is the steel glass staircase. Stainless steel stairs should be preferred for the selection of stairs. Stainless steel stairs are easy to clean and convenient for later maintenance. The high stability and plasticity of the raw materials is also a good choice for commercial households on the market.
    4. Choose the process. The process is divided into two parts: the manufacturing process and the design process. The manufacturing process mainly refers to the processing method and precision. The design process refers to material specifications, mechanical structure and overall aesthetics. Staircase international standard: the thickness of the tread plate should be greater than or equal to 38mm, the fence should be column type, and the paint surface should be transparent paint. The fence is a brushed staircase with relatively poor stability and safety. The use of transparent paint on the stairs is to protect your right to know, because people need to recognize their faces, and wood must recognize wood. Most of the stairs covered with paint are polymer materials instead of solid wood. Even if the solid wood is poor solid wood, the wood grain is covered with the cover paint. The stair treads are preferably misaligned finger joints (ie, misaligned splice plates) because the wood is susceptible to deformation and cracking due to temperature and humidity. In the finger joint plate, the misalignment finger joint is the best, the parallel finger joint plate is the second, and the whole plate is again (because the whole plate is easy to deform and crack). So the treadmill is the whole staircase and you can't buy it.
    Pay attention to these points, but it is not difficult to have a step by step.