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Household stair routine main accessories

Household stair routine main accessories

    In daily life and work, the basic accessories of our regular stairs are: keel, crossarms, pedals, railings. The following is a small example of the basic configuration of steel stairs and solid wood stairs.
    The keel and the floor support column/support wall tensile member are the supporting objects of the stairs; the pedal is the foot pedal; the vertical plate is the partition between the pedals; the cross/pedal tray (plate) serves to support the pedal.

    Solid wood staircase
    Keel—— the keel of the solid wood staircase can be divided into single beam, double beam and triple beam;
    Pedal —— common thickness is 38/40/50mm;
    Vertical board——commonly used thickness 12-20mm;
    General column / large column —— located at the start, stairway, common specifications: 90/100/120/150/200/250mm;
    Ladder support ——small ladder branch (at each step, spacing ≤ 100mm);
    Middle column—— (located at the turning point of the stairs, the specification is generally 70mm);
    Handrails ——round, horseshoe, oval.


   Conventional staircase
   Although there are different places for the two kinds of stairs, they are basically the same. In general, the basic accessories for conventional stairs can be summarized as follows:
   Keel—— steel plate, tube (square tube, flat tube, round tube), I-beam, channel steel, the material usually has SS304#, SS316# or Q235 steel;
   Cross arm ——square tube, round tube, steel plate, SS304#, SS316# or Q235 steel;
   Pedal —— material can be solid wood, glass, stone, acrylic, pattern steel;
   Railings—— their styles are varied and flexible.
  The above is the knowledge sharing of stairs in this issue. Thank you for reading.