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How to receive your clients?

How to receive your clients?

As international trade sales, we will meet all kinds of clients, some of them are constractor, traders, middlemen, agents, and end users.

Different clients from foreign countries have different customs and characters, what should we pay attention on when meeting our clients? How can we leave our customers a good impression for the first time ? What should we prepare for trial order? Now, let’s explore it!

No. 1  Keep the instant communication and confirm the visit time.

Clients will tell you which week they will come to China, but sometimes they do not mention which date and time they will be in China, at this time, we must confirm with clients about the date and meeting time, it would be better to consider if he/she need drivers? Do not put everything into urgent and unexpected, which only causes nervous.

No.2  Prepare quotation before clients come

Some clients will come directly and want you to quote at site, it is not good, first it will waste time, second sales will too rush to miss the details. We should ask for the projects details and quote before clients come, then the order can be confirmed soon when he/she drop by our factory, if sth need to be changed, it is also very fast and easy to handle.

No.3  Know well of your show room and factory

We always show our customer around, some of them have no ideas about the products types to be choosed, and they might pick all the kinds and want you to quote one by one, which wastes our time and loose our patience. So our sales should make clients focus on 1 or 2 types products, mainly introduce benefit the types you suggest and convince them, which helps us deal with order quickly.

The most important things of a good sales is to communicate smoothly in oral English, Best wishes to all sales and hope you guys get better and better!