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Introduction of solid wood, glass, PVC and its surface treatment

Introduction of solid wood, glass, PVC and its surface treatment

1、solid wood:
    generally painted on its surface, spray paint can choose to spray different colors, if you have not yet decided which color to choose, you can let the merchants provide swatches for you to choose. Take Dimes as an example. Our woods are: European oysters, eucalyptus, oak, teak, and burmese.
2、 glass:
    (1) Tempered glass is also called safety glass. When it is damaged, the debris will form a network of obtuse-angled small particles, which will not cause serious damage to the human body. In addition, the impact resistance and bending strength of tempered glass are equal. 3 to 5 times the thickness of ordinary glass; it can withstand a temperature difference of 300 ° C, 3 times that of ordinary glass. Its thickness: 19mm / 15mm / 10mm / 12mm / 8mm / 6mm / 4mm. The thickness of tempered glass that we routinely use is 12mm, which is generally used on glass railings.
    (2) Laminated tempered glass is usually bonded together using two PVB sheets of the same thickness. Compared to monolithic glass of the same thickness, laminated glass is more powerful and safer and is generally suitable for use as a glass pedal and railings at higher elevations.
It is worth noting that in order to prevent slippage and wear, the glass pedals generally have anti-slip strips.
Its thickness is: 12mm + 1.52mm PVB + 12mm, 0mm + 0.76mm PVB + 10mm, 5mm + 0.38mm PVB + 5mm
   (3) Glass surface treatment There are transparent and sandblasting/matte.
3、 PVC (polyvinyl chloride):
    which used to be the most common plastic in the world. In the stair industry is mainly used to produce stair railings. PVC is available in a variety of colors, some of which look like wood from the surface, but can be distinguished if you carefully pipe the cross section.
In addition, PVC will be lighter than wood. Among stainless steel handrails, wooden handrails, and PVC handrails, PVC handrails are the cheapest.