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Is the finished staircase keel installed as a problem? A minute to help you solve!

Is the finished staircase keel installed as a problem? A minute to help you solve!

    In the process of small-scale daily reception of customers, we have received many remote customers. In the process of receiving customers, we found that the installation problem is the most worrying of all the customers in different places. Even if you buy your favorite products, you will be hesitant because of the installation problems. So today, Xiaobian will bring you the method of installing the stairs keel.
    1、 Professional play: At present, the most professional style of play, first of all, they do not use the general ground keel material. They use the pedal material to make the ground keel (but not the best, with a bit of flaws, such as black blocks, wood grain is not good). This can be used with a wide plate, which is much wider than the general keel. The flat contact area is large and the stability is good. The two materials are the same, the wood is more similar in elasticity, the wood is hard and the fixing is more reliable.
    2、ordinary simple play: use the ordinary floor grille like nailing the floor keel on the steps, maybe many people at home are only playing the front without playing the facade. I don't necessarily think about the problem of closing the border in the future. I won't hit two on the edge of the stairs. This kind of play is very unreasonable.
    3、 ordinary and reasonable play: use the general keel material, the front facade is full, playing two ground keels on the side without the wall, and sealed with the 10MM gypsum board at the outermost mouth, this is the treatment of the later edge Leave the foundation. Then, the front facade is paved with a 18MM woodwork board. This is because the general ground keel material is soft and can not be fixed. It can be used on a large flat floor, but a small area of ​​the stairs can not be used, because the force on the stairs is not a single vertical downward. of. The last pedal is fixed on the wood board. The point to note here is to count these heights. Because the height of the first step and the last step will be affected.
    Stairs are the most used home decoration in the house. Installation errors or weakness may be harmful to the safety of the family. Therefore, the installation method of the keel is very important. In addition to choosing the correct installation method, you must select qualified products and install masters. Only then can the safety of the stairs be guaranteed.