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No column glass guardrail type introduction

No column glass guardrail type introduction

    The stainless steel glass guardrail has strong decoration, high practicability, wide application range, convenient cleaning and convenient maintenance in the later stage, so it has been chosen by consumers. Different styles and types can be used to choose the stainless steel glass guardrail that suits your own style. As people's demands continue to increase, the style of stainless steel guardrails is constantly innovating. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the types of pillarless glass guardrails that have been popular in recent years.
No column glass fence type 1: side-mounted glass fence
    The glass fence is fixed by the hardware fittings on the wall of the stairs and the guardrail. This type of guardrail can save the space of the stairs well, and the safety requirement is also realized to improve the utilization rate of the stairs. This side-mounted glass railing has a high requirement for the flatness of the wall. Customers who are interested in using this guardrail can slightly increase the cement-based construction requirements when constructing the stair cement foundation.
No column glass fence type 2: embedded glass fence
    On the cement foundation of the stairs and guardrails, a space for pre-embedded recesses is left, and the recesses are used to fix the glass guardrails. Such a pillarless glass railing can visually increase the breadth of the stairs. With the continuous improvement of technology, the quality of tempered glass has been greatly improved, the strength of glass is several times that of ordinary glass, and the shortcomings of safety on glass fragility have also been greatly improved. The style of the column-free glass railing is easy to clean, no matter where it is installed.
    There are many different types of stainless steel glass fences available to customers who can consult our online customer service.