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Renovation knowledge and installation skills of duplex stairs

Renovation knowledge and installation skills of duplex stairs

1、location and shape
    There are several types of stairs, such as straight ladders, arc ladders, folding ladders and spiral ladders. Straight ladders and arc ladders have great requirements on space. Therefore, the current duplex building is more popular with folding ladders. The location of the stairs is especially important for the entire home improvement and must be carefully considered. So where is the staircase decoration suitable? The interior decoration stairs are generally placed in the corners of the wall, which saves space and makes the overall layout unspoiled.
2、 the material of the stairs
    Stairs are high-wear parts and should be made of relatively strong materials. In terms of stair material, cement, wood, metal and glass are common. The wooden staircase is warmer, and the Chinese-style home is suitable for wooden stairs. The wooden stairs for the elderly and children are the most suitable. The advantages of the durable metal staircase are also very popular with modern young people, but it is easy to give people a cold feeling. Although the glass is very transparent and simple, the cost is relatively high. Therefore, when the interior staircase is renovated, economic factors need to be considered. The pedals of the stairs should be rounded to avoid damage to the feet.
3、 the slope of the stairs
    The slope of the stairs should not be too large, too steep or too slow will affect the comfort of walking. Therefore, when considering the slope of the interior decoration stairs, not only the elderly and children should be concerned, but also adults should pay attention. The inclination is generally between 20 and 45 degrees, and the step is best to be consistent with the stride of the person, so that the feeling of going up and down the stairs will be very good.
    The top priority in the renovation of the entire interior staircase is the design of the handrail. The most ideal armrest material is wood, followed by stone. The handrails of the interior decoration stairs are designed with stainless steel and other glossy metal. The width of the stair handrail can be large or small, and the possibility of a child's collet should be considered. For safety reasons, don't let the lights be too dark. In addition, in order to avoid head collisions to the stairs, the pedals should have enough space above the floor.