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Stair routine basic data parameters

Stair routine basic data parameters

When you have determined the style of the stairs, the basic data is required to be provided to the manufacturer.
    L —— length of the well, which determines the shape of the stairs;
    W ——  well width, which determines the step size of the stairs;
    H ——  height of the floor, which determines the number of steps and the step height of the stairs;
    S ——  beam thickness, which determines the installation point of the stairs.


The basic parameters are determined by the basic data and the style of the stairs. The following are the general criteria for the basic parameters of the stairs.
    Step size (A): determined by well width (W), 800-1200mm (conventional), >1200mm (common stairs), <800mm (small house).
    Step width (B): determined by well length (L), 200-300mm, preferably ≥220mm.
    Step height (C): determined by the layer height (H), 160-190mm, commonly used 180mm to calculate the number of steps.
    tep: Determined by the layer height (H).
    Height of the railing: 900-1100mm (indoor); 1000-1200mm (outdoor).
    The height of the column: 1000-1200mm, one column every 2-3 steps.