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Thanks for the staff who work hard for Demose

Thanks for the staff who work hard for Demose

2015 Mid-Autumn Festival will be on September 27, and the China public holiday for this festival lasts for three days from September 6th to September 8th. On September 25, Demose decided that all the staff have dinner in the Dongbeirenjia Restaurant together, celebrating the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

It is a great honor to invite Mr Lu to dinner with the staff. We are with aflame mood, waiting. Before serving, Mr Lu came to the restaurant, very satisfied with the activity. To our work, Mr Lu puts forward opinions and suggestions, which makes us benefit a lot.

Each employee's work looks very ordinary, but it is the foundation of great success in fact. Ordinary pregnants great achievements, great achievements is from the ordinary. The staff who work hard for Demose are valuable people. Their efforts is not to be ignored. So, take this holiday opportunity to thanks for their hard work sincerely!

The Mid-autumn Festivalis a traditional festival in Chinese. Also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place at the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month. In Ancient times the officer and businessman are always having three activities to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival: eat the crab, eat moon cake, view and admire the moon and the chrysanthemum. 

The traditional food of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the moon cake. It is round and symbolizes reunion. It is a time for families to be together,let people away from home will affectionately gazing at the moon, think about their families. This greatly reflected, Demose took good care of employees, created a good atmosphere of enterprise, enhanced the cohesion of employees.

As the saying goes,”People with one mind will remove Mount Tai.” ”Solidarity means strength.” With a team of employees having team spirit, Demose can break the limitations , stride forward!