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Wooden stairs and wooden furniture

Wooden stairs and wooden furniture

When the weather is wet, there will be a lot of small water droplets on the surface of wooden stairs and furniture, which will easily lead to local discoloration of the paint on the wood surface. In serious cases, it may even breed mildew, or termites may breed and erode wood; because of excessive water content, it may cause deformation of wooden stairs and furniture.
In wet season, we can put some desiccant, wood carbon and moisture-proof bag near the wooden stairs or furniture for moisture absorption. It is recommended to wipe the water drops and water vapor on the surface with a dry towel, and then wipe the walnut oil layer to keep them wet. If the solid wood stairs and furniture are damped, it is not serious to ventilate and dry them in time. In case of condensation and mildew, it is recommended to dry the water drop, remove the mildew with a mild detergent, and then conduct dehumidification.