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BV Certification Supplier Assessment Report provides you with the knowledge to source with confidence and with reduced risk. This report contains an assessment made by Bureau Veritas BV certification (BV) [2012-12-25] Download
SGS Audit Report Audit Reports help buyers source with confidence, save time and money, and reduce risks. This report has been pre-inspected onsite by SGS (a respected inspection company). [2013-02-22] Download
Shower Room and Door Shower Room and Door [2014-12-18] Download
Main Product Lines Vertification Report The report is on expertise, capacity, production & certification. [2012-12-25] Download
2014-2015 E-Catalog This is the latest and detailed catalog for Demose stair systems. [2014-05-22] Download
2012-2013 E-Catalog This is the latest and detailed catalog for Demose railing systems. [2013-01-01] Download
2009-2010 E-magazine This is 2009-2010 demose catalogue. [2012-12-01] Download

Company Advantages

  • 20 Years Experienced Manufacturer
  • 8 Years Oversea Sales
  • 100% Exporting Products
  • DEMOSE Famous Brand

Customer Service

  • Custom-made Available
  • Installation Guide Offered
  • Full Service
  • Test-report Available

Oversea Agent Support

  • Joining Condition
  • Joining Process
  • Application Form for Joining


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  • Online Orders
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