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Precautions for installing wooden stair handrails, how to maintain the stair handrails?

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For safety reasons, most stairs will be equipped with handrails, and the design of the handrails also has a good decorative effect on the entire staircase. Nowadays, common handrails are generally made of metal and wood. Compared with wrought iron stair handrails, although wooden stair handrails are not rich in shape, they are favored by many families.  

1. Precautions for installation of wooden staircase handrails


① Inspection and measurement

Before installing wooden stair handrails, check and measure first. Check whether the flat steel fixing the wooden handrails is smooth and firm, and then drill small holes in the flat steel to fix the wood screws, and then paint the anti-rust paint; if you want to measure, use a tape measure to measure the length of the wooden handrails between each flight of stairs. In order to cut the material accurately, the cutting requires a slight increase in length based on the measured size; for the splicing of wooden handrails, a special tenoning machine must be used to open the finger tenon, and each ladder section must not have more than one tenon joint.  

②drawing and marking                                                                                                                            Installing wooden stair handrails requires drawing and marking work. It is necessary to adjust the elevation and slope of the fixed position of the handrail, and then mark the longitudinal centerline of the handrail with the elastic line, and mark the position and angle of the bend.


After installing the wooden stair handrails, it is necessary to do a good job in the inspection and refurbishment. The joints of all components must be carefully inspected to ensure that the wooden handrails are spliced smoothly and smoothly. If there is any unevenness, it needs to be polished, especially if the bend of the handrail is not smooth enough, it should be flattened with a fine wooden file to make the corner line clear and the slope angle suitable. When the overall curved natural section is consistent , You can use sandpaper to polish the surface smoothly, and then scrape the putty to complement the color. The last is painting work, and you can choose according to the overall home improvement design style. 


When installing wooden stair handrails, pay attention that the height of the handrails from the pedals cannot exceed 90cm. This height is more appropriate, not too short or too high. Moreover, the gap between the railings cannot be greater than 11cm. If the gap is too large, it is not conducive to safety, especially for children.  

2.How to maintain the stair handrails


①The maintenance of wooden stair handrails is very important. First, we must do a good job of preventing moisture, otherwise it will be easy to deform, crack, and paint peeling off. A layer of cured wear-resistant paint can be applied to the handrail position, which can not only reduce local wear, but also better prevent moisture. Usually pay attention to the ventilation and dryness of the room, especially in the humid weather or the insect breeding season, you can sprinkle some insecticides on the handrails, or place mothballs on the corners of the stairs to avoid insects.

②Brush a layer of anti-moth paint on the wooden stair handrails, which can also effectively prevent insects. If you already have insect eyes, you can sprinkle mothballs, pepper powder, etc. on the insect eyes, or use professional insect repellents to prevent the handrails from being moth-eaten. 

③Cleaning is also a part of maintenance. Usually you can't use a lot of water to scrub. You can use a clean broom or feather duster to clean up the dust on the surface of the wooden staircase handrail and the dust on the interface. For the cleaning of stains, you can use detergent and spray it. On the stained surface, wipe it with a soft cloth, and clean it once a week.

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