Founder's Speech



Since its establishment, Demose has always focused on the research and practice in the field of high-end stainless steel railings and metal stairs, introduced the world's advanced production technology and provided high-quality services. It has won extensive trust in many countries and regions around the world. At the same time, the company has become an international supplier of stainless steel railings, stairs and system accessories.

Demose stuffs are determined to build Demose into an international high-end brand of stairs and railings as their mission. The corporate culture of focus, professionalism, sharing and common prosperity has been deeply rooted in the hearts of employees and has been continuously inherited. The impressive performance in the past has been recorded in history. In the future, facing the situation, opportunities and challenges of global economic integration, the company will play its second pioneering spirit and make the company's operation move towards the goal of diversification, collectivization and internationalization.

Facing the future, Demose hopes to continue to gain the trust and support of people from all walks of life. The company will continue to strive to create a new culture of global construction technology, and cooperate with famous enterprises, industry colleagues and strategic partners at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow for us!

Founder: Lu Xiangfeng

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