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What do you know about stair design? Teach you beautiful and practical!

Author: 2021-04-20 14:20:48 Steel structure stairs Stainless steel railing 45

From the shape of stairs, there are four kinds of stairs: straight stairs, corner stairs, curved stairs and spiral stairs. Different stairs are suitable for different space layout and decoration style.

Ⅰ. Choose stairs according to space layout

1. Straight stairs

Straight stairs are not common in modern homes. The reason lies in the individualization of the structure of modern home spaces and their decoration needs. Moreover, and in the era of land and gold nowadays, many apartment spaces are not suitable for designing such straight-line stairs. However, compared to other types of stairs, straight stairs have a higher safety performance. If there are elderly and children in the home, it is recommended to design linear stairs if conditions permit.

2. Corner staircase

Corner stairs can make full use of the limited space, which determines that it is the most common type of stairs in modern home, especially the duplex type. And the stairs make the space more symmetrical, and divide the visual space well.

3. Curved staircase

Curve is the most beautiful line, also created the elegant posture of arc stairs, became the first choice of villa stairs. As the arc staircase takes up more space, so the general house type is unable to design.

4. Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase, which takes up the least space of the four types of stairs, does not rely on a wall, but rotates up a central axis. But it is not common in modern home, because of its poor safety, there are elderly and children in the home are not recommended to design this kind of stairs!


Ⅱ. The design dimension of stairs is exquisite

Stairs must occupy a certain space, so how to save space and arrange the size of stairs reasonably?

1. Height and depth: the height of each step shall be controlled between 15-18cm, and the depth of the stair surface shall be controlled between 22-27cm, and the number of steps of each ladder shall not exceed 18 steps.

2. Stair width: normally the width of stairs should not be less than 75cm. If both sides are walls, the width should not be less than 90cm. If not, it may cause many inconvenience in future life and also make people feel oppressive.

3. Height and width of handrail: the height of handrail is a great guarantee for stair safety. Generally controlled between 85-90cm, and the width of handrail is 5.5cm, which is convenient to grasp!

4. Spacing of railings: it is mainly based on the safety consideration of children, and there are certain requirements for the spacing of railings. Generally, the space should be between 8-12cm. No, children can easily extend their heads out of the railing, causing unnecessary danger!

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