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Household balcony railings and accessories shipment

Author: 2021-09-11 10:08:10 railing stainless steel railings wire railing 8

As a professional manufacturer of stair railings, Demose specializes in producing stainless steel railings, glass railings, aluminum alloy railings, etc. Among them, pure stainless steel materials mainly include stainless steel wire railing and stainless steel cable railing. Stainless steel glass railings combined with stainless steel and glass, and aluminum alloy glass railings combined with aluminum alloy and glass are also common collocations. The assembled railing produced by Demose can be customized on demand, and the material combination of accessories has a high degree of freedom.

At present, in the common customization of household railings, there are two types: stainless steel wire railings and stainless steel glass railings. Generally, the installation of assembled railings is relatively simple. Here, Demose introduces the installation method of simple stainless steel railings:


Step 1 measurement review: when fixing the railing, please recheck the measurement of the building in case of any tolerance.


Step 2 railing fixing: determine the position of the railing according to the actually measured building and railing installation drawings.


Step 3 fix the top rail: drill the top rail and fix it with screws on the railing to solve these problems.


Step 4 wire fixing: the wire railing passes through the railing of the conductor frame.


A wide variety of assembled railings are easy to install, which is a major feature of Demose railings. Whether it is custom railing or railing installation, for more details, please consult Demose !

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