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[Quality Assurance] The order for 720m Kenyan glass railing was officially signed

Author: 2021-09-17 17:07:23 31

Ken is a construction purchaser in Kenya. At present, he is purchasing a batch of residential balcony glass railings in China. In China, Ken compared many railing manufacturers and finally finalized his 720 meter residential balcony glass railing in demose.

In Ken's words, in demose, he saw a very hard-working and serious working attitude. In such a working environment, his trust in products was greatly improved. Ken didn't come to demose  for the first time. During his previous visits, demose' colleagues received him warmly. Whether in demose company or demose factory headquarters, Ken said he saw that demose ' colleagues were working very hard and seriously, and the whole company was full of a hard-working and positive working attitude, This is one of the reasons Ken chose demose.

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