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Common stainless steel fence on the road

Author:Demose 2021-10-05 17:30:54 Stainless Steel Fence Road Fence 11

       With the construction of the city, more and more fences were erected on the criss-crossing roads. In addition to stone or cement fences, stainless steel fences are more common on roads. Compared with the former two, stainless steel fences are easy to install and take up less space. The plasticity of stainless steel can be adapted to local conditions. This not only refers to adapting to the terrain, but also through coloring and other processing to make the railing more compatible with the surrounding environment!


 stainless steel fence


Many of the common stainless steel fences on roads are installed directly on the ground. Here is an introduction to this type of Demose stainless steel fence style. The surface of this railing is sanded, and five solid rods pass through the double steel plate column. Among them, the wire drawing is 8mm and the steel plate is 6mm thick. In order to adapt to the different heights of children and adults, there are two separate rectangular tube armrests with a size of 60x40mm.


Demose is a customized product, this stainless steel wire drawing railing, in addition to the above specifications, if necessary, it can also be replaced with other specifications! In addition to this one, for more information about common stainless steel fence styles on the road, please contact Demose customer service!

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