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What kind of metal railing is better for the seaside?

Author:Demose 2021-11-02 17:24:09 Seaside railing stainless steel railing metal railing outdoor raiing 43

For seaside hotels or homes living near the sea, railings need to be installed on balconies or yards for safety. I prefer modern metal railings to rough ropes and heavy stone fences. So, what kind of metal railing is better for the beach? Stainless steel railings with painted surface are more suitable.


Seaside railing

First of all, let us first understand why sea breeze is more corrosive than general wind. In fact, it is because the sea breeze blowing from the sea surface carries more water, as well as the salt and alkali carried, and the oxidation-reduction reaction of metals will be more intense. In addition, strong winds will accumulate dust on the stainless steel railings, which will further aggravate the corrosion of the railings. In this geographical environment, the material of the metal railing must be corrosion resistant, and the processing design must also isolate the air as much as possible.


In terms of material, stainless steel has different grades. In order to adapt to the seaside environment, stainless steel railings are made of 316 or higher grade 316L, which is anti-corrosive and anti-rust. On the premise that the material meets the standard, the style and surface processing are also worth noting. In terms of style, welded railings can be used, which has better sealing performance; surface processing is to paint the surface of stainless steel railings to better isolate oxygen. Both of these are to reduce the contact of stainless steel railings with moisture and oxygen in the air and reduce corrosiveness. The appearance of exquisite railings needs to be fully equipped to better maintain the appearance of stainless steel railings.


Due to the special geographical location, the railing construction needs careful consideration. For the corrosive seaside, if you need to use metal railings, painted stainless steel welded railings will be more suitable. For more professional railing knowledge, welcome to communicate with Demose!

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