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Understand the custom process of railings in one minute

Author:Demose 2022-04-11 12:03:33 custom railings 5

Understanding the custom-made railings work process, not only can customize the railings more conveniently, but also prevent misunderstandings caused by unclear railings custom work process. Customize process steps.


1. Communication

Contact the guardrail manufacturer and clearly put forward the customization requirements of the guardrail, such as "the price of the guardrail, the total purchase of the guardrail, the design and analysis of the guardrail drawings, the production and processing cycle time, the quality assurance, the after-sales maintenance service", etc. The relevant staff of the guardrail manufacturer will answer questions and give quotations.

2. Sign the contract

Customized guardrails The customer clearly purchases the products of a certain guardrail manufacturer, and both parties sign a guardrail customization contract agreement, and reach a reasonable and effective cooperation with each other. The contract agreement can see the product unit price, delivery date and time, quality assurance, etc., Buyer and pay the contract agreement deposit accordingly.

3. Clarify the manufacturing

After the guardrail railing customization contract is signed, the guardrail railing manufacturer will assign technical professional product engineers to design products for customers. At the same time, the relevant staff of the guardrail railing manufacturer will also communicate with the guardrail railing custom customer for specific communication (free sample preparation is available. ), and finally assigned to the workshop for cutting and manufacturing after the guardrail and railing customers are clarified.

4. Docking

After the custom guardrail railing customer signs the contract with the guardrail railing manufacturer, the guardrail railing manufacturer will assign specific relevant staff to communicate with you, and timely feedback the production and processing progress of the specified product. Prepare the next technological process for customers in advance.

Five, quality inspection delivery

A few days before the products of the guardrail and railing customized by the customer, the relevant staff of the guardrail manufacturer will communicate with the customer of the customized guardrail and railing the number of orders and the amount of remittance. And model specifications, after the delivery is completed, the customer will sign and receive the statement to make it clear.

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