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What is the height standard of balcony guardrail?

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As long as you know more, your friends will know that in today's buildings, when installing balcony guardrails, you must complete the installation according to the height standard, so as to avoid problems that cannot meet the requirements, and at the same time to ensure safety. How should the products of the balcony guardrail be selected? What is the actual height standard? Friends who want to know the details, may wish to continue to check the following content.

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1. Rich product types

When people start to search for balcony guardrail products, they will soon find that with the development of technology and the increasing number of professional manufacturers, today's guardrail products also have more diverse types. Stainless steel uprights, steel-wood uprights, aluminum alloy uprights, carbon steel uprights, etc., are the most popular products at present, and they also have the characteristics of durability, fashion design, stability and safety.

2. Get a quote from the manufacturer

Then I will definitely talk about the price of the balcony guardrail. In fact, many friends will think that the price of this kind of product is not cheap, especially the manufacturers with relatively large scale and rich industry experience will definitely have higher quotations. In fact, there is no such problem. The quotations of powerful manufacturers are more reasonable and affordable. Usually, the price of one meter is around 100 yuan.

3. Height standard of guardrail

There are still many questions, waiting for friends to find accurate answers. Everyone is wondering what the height standard of balcony guardrail products is. After we have more information, we can know that low-rise buildings should not be lower than 1.05m, while middle and high-rise buildings should not be lower than 1.05m. Buildings should not be lower than 1.10m.

A simple understanding can help friends to understand the height standard of the balcony guardrail and the price as soon as possible. Therefore, after having a sufficient understanding of the problem, I will definitely understand what is going on. You can also find more helpful content on the manufacturer's website.

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