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What are the height specifications for stair handrails?

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If there are many problems in the safety of the building, it will definitely cause a lot of hidden problems. Therefore, the relevant regulations are becoming more and more strict. In the process of installing the stair handrail, the construction must be completed according to the height specification. What are the specification requirements?

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1. Specific requirements for indoor height

There are many sayings about the installation of stair handrails, so friends who don't know enough about them will feel more confused and troubled after doing some searching. What is the actual situation? As long as you know enough, you can know that the height standard of indoor stairs is 90cm. If the length of the stairs exceeds five meters, the height can also be adjusted to 100m.

2. The standard of outdoor height

After understanding the installation requirements for stair handrails in indoor buildings, you must also understand the height standard of outdoor handrails. The height of the stair handrail is not less than 105cm if the height is below 24 meters, and if it is higher than 24 meters, the height is not less than 110cm.

3. Manufacturers with more guaranteed after-sale services

It turns out that the installation of stair handrails has such high requirements. As long as we have a deep understanding, we can understand what is going on. Professional manufacturers not only have excellent design strength, but also can provide thoughtful after-sales service of replacement, refund and repair.

Friends who need to order stair handrail products will definitely have more questions if they do not know enough. Fortunately, we slowly check more content, so that we can understand how manufacturers choose and products. How to install it properly. After ordering, professional manufacturers can also arrange transportation and installation services.

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