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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy balcony guardrails?

Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail can quickly gain a firm foothold in this market, because it can be made into a simple style, or a retro style, and at the same time, it can also be made into a trendy front-line style. The aluminum alloy balcony guardrail manufacturer Dems will introduce to you what are the advantages of aluminum alloy balcony guardrails.

Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail

High strength: Compared with traditional metal products and plastic products, the strength of aluminum alloy is 10 times that of plastic products, 1.7 times that of ordinary steel, tougher than wood, and more elastic and high impact resistance, and good anti-aging.

Corrosion resistance: It can resist the corrosion of chloride ions and low ph value solutions, especially the corrosion resistance of carbon compounds and chlorine compounds; the appearance is smooth and bright, and it is a series of guardrail products with decorative functions; the installation is simple and fast. Can greatly improve the installation speed.

Environmental protection and safety: Aluminum alloy stair railings are not like solid wood railings. The surface of solid wood needs to be painted, while aluminum alloy stair railings generally do not need to be painted. No harmful substances are produced, and the service life is longer. At the same time, aluminum alloy stair railings have strong corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

The above is what Dems introduced to you about the advantages of aluminum alloy balcony guardrails. Customers who need to customize aluminum alloy balcony guardrails can get in touch with our company.

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