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Problems needing attention of stainless steel railing column

Because stainless steel railings are widely used in real life, stainless steel railings and stainless steel columns are used in public facilities such as subways, highway guardrails, and home decoration in first-tier cities. Here, Demose introduces stainless steel railings to you. Quality issues to be paid attention to:

Stainless steel railing column

1. The size exceeds the allowable deviation: For deviations such as insufficient length, width, width and thickness of the welding seam, deviation of the center line, bending, etc., the relative position and size of the welding part should be strictly controlled.

2. Weld cracks: In order to prevent cracks, suitable welding process parameters and welding procedures should be selected, avoid using large currents, and do not suddenly turn off the flame. Weldment.

3. Surface pores: The welding part must be brushed clean, select the appropriate welding current during the welding process, reduce the welding speed, and make the gas in the molten pool escape completely.

The above are the quality issues that should be paid attention to in the stainless steel railing column introduced by Demose. Customers who need to customize the stainless steel railing column can contact our company.

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