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What are the construction techniques of stainless steel stair railings?

The general construction process of stainless steel stair railings includes installing embedded parts, laying out lines, installing columns, connecting handrails and columns, grinding and polishing. The following will introduce the construction technology of stainless steel stair railings by Demose.

Stainless steel stair railing

1. Install embedded parts

The installation of the embedded parts of the stair railing can only be done by adding the post-embedded parts. Drill holes with an impact drill on the top, and then install the expansion bolts. The bolts are kept in sufficient length. After the bolts are positioned, tighten the bolts and weld the nut and the screw tightly to prevent the nut and the steel plate from loosening. The connection between the handrail and the wall surface also adopts the above method.

2. Pay-off

Due to the construction of the above-mentioned post-embedded parts, errors may occur. Therefore, before the column is installed, the line should be re-laid out to determine the accuracy of the position of the embedded plate and the welding column. If there is any deviation, it should be corrected in time. It should be ensured that the stainless steel columns are all seated on the steel plate and can be welded around.

3. Install the column

When welding a column, two people are required to cooperate, one holds the steel pipe to keep it vertical, and cannot shake during welding, and the other person applies welding, which must be welded around, and should meet the welding specifications.

4. Handrail and column connection

Before the installation of the column, the line is paid out through the elongated line, and the groove is machined on the upper end according to the inclination angle of the stairs and the roundness of the handrail used. Then put the handrail directly into the groove of the column, and install it by spot welding from one end to the other. Before welding, oil stains, burrs, rust spots, etc. must be removed along each side of the weld within 30-50 mm.

5. Grinding and polishing

After all the welding is done, use a portable grinding wheel grinder to smooth and sand the welding seam until the welding seam is not counted. When polishing, use flannel grinding wheel or felt for polishing, and use corresponding polishing paste at the same time, until it is basically consistent with the adjacent base metal, and no welding seam is visible.

The above is the construction technology of stainless steel stair railings introduced by Demose. Customers who need to customize stainless steel stair railings can get in touch with our company.

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