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What are the main points of the installation steps of the stainless steel column?

Stainless steel column products are elegant, corrosion-resistant, elegant in shape, easy to assemble, have strong artistic, decorative, practical, and are the first choice for architectural decoration such as commercial buildings, duplex buildings, hotels, etc. The following is an introduction to stainless steel columns. The installation steps require knowledge.

Stainless steel column

(1) The design elevation, location and quantity of the embedded parts of the stainless steel column must meet the design and installation requirements, and be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment. When the embedded parts do not meet the requirements, effective measures should be taken in time to supplement the embedded parts.

(2) For the part where the stainless steel column of the stair railing is installed, the base concrete shall not be loose, and the installation elevation shall meet the design requirements. The unevenness must be removed or repaired to be smooth, and the cement mortar shall not be used in the concave and serious honeycomb surface of the base. Repair, apply high-strength concrete for repair, and wait for a certain strength before installing the railing.

The above are the main points of the installation steps of stainless steel columns introduced by Demose. Customers who need to customize stainless steel columns can get in touch with our company.

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