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How is the stair step size calculated?

Author:Demose 2022-09-06 16:36:14 Stairs stairs customization custom stairs 2

The size of the stair tread board is generally wide and high, the width of the step board generally does not need to be calculated, the size of 250 mm to 280 mm can ensure that the person's center of gravity and feet can step on the step board, and the height calculation of the stair step board is divided by the number of steps divided by the height of the step.


The calculation of the number of stair steps is to use the total height of the overall building by dividing the height of people when they step, and the result calculated is taken as an integer.

For ordinary family homes, the height of the step is between 156 mm and 175 mm, and different occasions and different needs need to make specific adjustments to the size of the stair tread board, but no matter how it is calculated, the final integer of the value is taken so that the workers can construct the stairs.

The above is the calculation method of the size of the stair tread board introduced by Demose for everyone, and customers who need to customize the stairs can get in touch with our company.

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