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How about the cost performance of the three commonly used family stair handrails?

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Now there are three kinds of commonly used family stair handrails: stainless steel stair handrails, wooden stair handrails, wrought iron stair handrails, the following by Demose for everyone to introduce how the three kinds of family stair handrails cost-effective.

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1. Wooden staircase handrail

Wooden staircase handrails are a more traditional form of handrails, which are delicate to the touch and generous in style.

Advantages: thick and firm, delicate texture, its style is diverse, beautiful and generous.

Disadvantages: Compared with stainless steel stair handrails, it is more expensive and requires frequent maintenance, while it is prone to moisture and other situations.

Second, stainless steel stair handrail

Stainless steel stair handrails can be said to be the mainstream products of the market, and their styles are simple and generous, with a modern sense.

Advantages: long service life, easy to clean, with good stain resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, similar products compared to the price is more affordable.

Disadvantages: It will be limited when matching with furniture, because its style is monotonous and looks low-grade.

3. Wrought iron staircase handrail

The wrought-iron staircase handrail is a relatively trendy handrail, which is mostly loved by modern young people.

Advantages: Compared with stainless steel staircase handrails, its styles are diverse, the sense of art is stronger, and it looks more elegant.

Disadvantages: such as anti-rust process is not done well, easy to rust, affecting the use, so it is necessary to choose a quality assured wrought iron staircase handrail.

The above is the common three kinds of family stair handrails introduced by Demose for everyone, customers who need custom stair handrails can get in touch with our company.

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