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The design of stainless steel handrail posts requires attention

Stainless steel handrail column is affordable, rust-proof, good corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, cost-effective, long service life, light weight, no rust, strong corrosion resistance, wide applicable environment. So what do you need to pay attention to when designing stainless steel handrails?

Stainless steel handrail posts

1. It is very important to design according to the actual stair model. First of all, according to the actual needs to select the material model, the thickness of each type of tube. Do the preliminary work of material selection, and then design the height.

2. The height of the stainless steel handrail column is generally about 85cm, and the size is also very suitable. This is a safe height.

3. The light slot can be set under the stair handrail, the light is down, and the ribbon setting is coordinated with the handrail to produce a special visual effect and make the stair effect and position more eye-catching.

4. Design according to the specific situation of the family. For example, when there are children in the family, we should pay attention to the potential threat of naughty and lively children, and the elderly should consider the behavior of the elderly.

The stainless steel handrail is smooth and waterproof, and the handrail is usually dirty and directly scrubbed with a wet towel is also very good and durable.

The above is where the stainless steel handrail design introduced by Demose needs attention. Customers who need to find a stainless steel handrail column manufacturer can contact our company.

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