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How to fix the balcony stainless steel railing?

Author:Demose 2022-10-21 15:44:24 balcony stainless steel railing balcony railing stainless steel railing 9

The balcony stainless steel railing is one of the important issues we should consider during the decoration process, and the stability of the installation strength can avoid accidents or items falling.

So how to fix the balcony stainless steel railing? Generally speaking, it is correct to look at the following five points.

balcony stainless steel railing

1. Installation of embedded parts

First determine the foothold of the guardrail, then use an impact drill to punch holes in it, install expansion bolts, maintain a certain length and tighten, and then weld to death.

2. After the embedded parts are installed, the next step is to arrange, through this step to determine the position of the column and the buried plate, to ensure that the column can be integrated with the steel plate.

3. Installed columns

After laying the wires, install the columns. This step requires two people to work together. One person fixes the steel pipe, maintaining its verticality, and the other person performs welding work, welding the column.

4. The handrail is connected to the column

After the column is installed, the handrail connection work is carried out, it is inserted into the groove on the column, and then it enters the welding from one end to ensure the sealing of the joint.

5. Grinding and polishing

After all the welding work is completed, the welding gap is finally polished and polished once with felt.

The above is the fixing method of balcony stainless steel railing introduced by Demose, customers who need to customize the balcony stainless steel railing can contact our company.

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