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What are the key points of stair glass handrail installation?

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Handrail design is an important part of stairs, and material issues need to be considered, and stairs of different materials may be different when installed.

Glass stair handrail installation precautions, I believe many customers also have questions about this problem, so how to design glass stair handrails?

Staircase glass handrails

In the design of glass stairs, whether for domestic or engineering applications, embedded parts must be selected.

Embedded parts for stair railings should only be used during installation.

One of the detailed methods is that bolts and steel plates can be used to create rear connectors.

The first line is laid out at the bottom of the stairs, and then the fixed position of the column is clearly determined.

Tighten bolts, welding nuts and screws to prevent loosening of nuts and steel plates.

Due to the certain error in the size of the stairs after the construction of embedded parts, it is necessary to reset the line measurement in the early stage of the installation of the staircase column to ensure the accuracy of the orientation of the buried plate and the welding rod.

In the process of installing the column and welding the column, but it requires two people to work together to complete, one person holds the steel pipe to keep it vertical, can not shake when welding, the other person welds, welds around, and should meet the welding specifications.

Before the installation of the column, grooves are machined at the upper end of the stairs by elongating the lines according to the degree of inclination and the curvature of the handrail.

Then put the handrail into the groove of the column, weld and install from the end to the initial end, and the adjacent handrail is placed with accurate butt joints and tight seams.

After the adjacent steel pipes are docked, weld the joint with stainless steel welding rods.

Before welding, oil stains, burrs and rust spots within the range of 30 ~ 50mm on both sides of the weld must be removed.

The above is how to install the stair glass handrail and the installation of the glass stair handrail precautions knowledge problem explanation, I believe that you should have more understanding after reading, you can contact our company if you need to customize the stair glass handrail.

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